Since what gets measured gets done,
isn't it time to get smart about what you measure?

A picture may be worth a thousand words, but...

the right picture can be worth a million dollars.

Business Metabolics™
provides a powerful, flexible, scalable and easy-to-use solution to the challenge of tracking and driving your organization's sustainability and economic performance.

Use it for material flow analysis, corporate social responsibility (CSR) reporting, supply chain benchmarking, and for business decisions that deliver “sustainability” right to the bottom line.

Knowing where you are, and where you're heading, gives you far better chance of getting there.

Our interactive performance dashboards help your people know where they are, where they are headed, and what they can do to meet and exceed your performance goals.

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data sheet
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Continuous improvement

Reduce cost, delays and errors in performance data management and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Reporting.

Quickly generate visual analyses of productivity, material flow and footprint.

Make performance data available year-round, not just annually.

Turn environmental reporting expenditures into an investment in productivity, by putting wasted data to use for business decision making.

Drive continuous improvement—and profitability—with better performance feedback.



Powerful, sophisticated, flexible

Simple and intuitive—In the words of one Fortune 100 executive: “Our people would actually use this!”

Efficient and economical—Automagic data collection for speed, accuracy and economy.

Flexible and scalable—Roll up results and compare performance across resources, facilities, companies, industries and suppliers.

Robust and secure—Rock solid security for single plant or global company, hosted on your servers or ours.

Standards based—Compliant with ISO and GRI standards.

Versatile—Runs in any browser, on any operating system.

Adaptable— Add relevant metadata, from toxicity to greenhouse gases, from ecological footprint to criticality of supply.



Software as a service

Deployment begins with a workshop with your cross-functional team, to model resource flows, select initial key indicators, and design data collection strategies. Then you can choose:

Turnkey installation—Hosted on your servers, behind your firewall

Hosted web application—Hosted on our secure servers, and accessed through your browser

Data management service—We manage all data and data entry on your behalf

Business Metabolics inspires OpenEco energy+climate
Here’s how the right picture affected one company:

Our ThroughPut Pie™ showed nearly 75% Non-Product after recycling better


than industry averages,but as the CEO said:“It makes no sense to pour stuff down the sewer that should be in a bottle.” Within two weeks the company made a “zero waste” commitment, started researching how to get there – and found greater profit from a legal “waste” stream than from its main product line. 

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