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Dashboards that make a difference™

Everyone knows that “What gets measured gets done.” But how do you select powerful measures and goals that help drive better decisions, and better performance? And how do you put those measures to work for your organization?

Business Metabolics™ is a web-based KPI (key performance indicator) system that streamlines the collection, analysis and reporting of your organizations’ environmental, social and economic performance data. Business Metabolics enables you to better use that often neglected data to support better business decisions that deliver “sustainability” right to the bottom line:

  • Collect, process and manage performance data - automatically;
  • Transform data, quickly and easily, into understandable graphs and charts;
  • Generate a wide variety of key indicators to help optimize environmental and economic performance;
  • Assess trends, replicate successes and avoid pitfalls;
  • Benchmark performance between companies and facilities for continuous improvement from the ground up.
  • Reduce the expense, burden and bottlenecks of managing performance data and CSR reporting.


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